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i got the magic stick!

I found a mysterious picture on my computer today. It was in the same folder as the pictures that I take with my webcam. It was weird because it was this picture. It scares me to think that there was penis in my house. And this penis picture got me to thinking about all the penis pictures I have on my computer of real boys' penises that were sent to me in seriousness in attempts to cyber or something. I don't know.

So I made a collage!


patheticnerdgirl: it could be like match up the penis
patheticnerdgirl: holy cow!
xtonguetied97x: lmfao
patheticnerdgirl: that would be awesome!
patheticnerdgirl: i would do it if i knew who the anonymous penis was
xtonguetied97x: but, do you really want to know who the anonymous penis belongs to?
patheticnerdgirl: yes i do
patheticnerdgirl: i'd rather know than not know
xtonguetied97x: hm...
patheticnerdgirl: two of them are the same penis though
patheticnerdgirl: i need more penis pictures
xtonguetied97x: go on a scavenger hunt
xtonguetied97x: a penis prowl
xtonguetied97x: HAHAHA
patheticnerdgirl: but it only counts if they send them to me in all seriousness

So be serious and send me pictures of your wanger, and then a picture of you, and it'll be fun. We'll play Whose Penis Is This? And if the unknown johnson is yours, please tell me.

email: samantha@punkass.com
im: patheticnerdgirl
me your member right away!
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